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Go pikachu…. I mean Vannever Bush.

Assignment: Create your own Pokemone card using a pioneer.

Process: I uploaded a prime card into photo shop. I then erased all the characters aspects. I continued to create multiple layers to add the photos and the text.

Story: Vannever Bush’s Hp is 80 because he lived to be 84 years of age. He evolved from MIT because he graduated there. His first attack is a refrenece to the power of the atomic bomb. His second attack is based off of memex. If you take a closer look on the top-right corner, you will see a small image of magneto. That image is there because i believe they look alike, and it has no particualr refrence to anything relevant on the matter of this pioneer.

Photo taken from:,r:13,s:92&tx=37&ty=49


The Elite 8

Assignment: Create a Minimalist travel poster based on a movie using the pioneers.

Process: I used photoshop to create this. I used a total of 20 layers in photoshop to complete this project. the first ten layers were used to upload each and every individual picture. i then cropped and erase the pictures to allow them to fit. the next ten layers were used to create the words using text. nothing fancy, just time consuming.

Story: The inspiration that lead me to create the elite 8, was from my indescision to pick a single pioneer. so i decided to use all the pioneers and our professor (mainly cause he asked me if he could be in the project.)

Source where pictures were taken from: Google… Vannevar Bush. Alan Turing. Norbert Wiener. JCR Licklider. Doug Englebart. Ted Nelson. Alan Kay.

Triple troll Quote


The assignment was to create a triple troll quote. This is a project where you take a photo of a pioneer, then add a quote from another person, but label the quotee as another person. The thing is, you can’t just pick any name, you must relate all the names together somehow.


Using photo shop, i uploaded the image of Norbert Weiner. I then created two more layers. On the second layer i created the gradient background using colors black and white. The last layer, i created the quote using text. Simple photo shop steps, nothing fancy.


I used a photo of Norbert Weiner, Bill Gate’s quote, and Marco Casalan’s name. I chose Norbert because he is a pioneer of cybernetics, and he is a famous childhood prodigy. I then chose Bill Gate’s quote, “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll be working for one.” I chose his quote because he is a genius that a lot of people work for, and he has changed the world today by his ingenious innovations of technology. I chose Marco Casalan because he is another childhood prodigy. Marco is currently 9 years old and he is the youngest Microsoft systems engineer in the world. He ties into Bill Gate’s quote, because I have a feeling I might end up working for him.

Photo taken form:

My relationship with the internet

My first encounter with the internet goes back to 6 years ago, when I was 12 years old. I was in middle school, in San Diego, and I had heard about this site that every body else was talking about. This site called myspace was the talk of the school, so i decided to try it out. From this site I learned to connect with old friends from my past, connect with people I’ve never met, and listen to music my parents didnt apporve of. I found myspace to be a fun and open place to mingle, I always recieved messages from people I’ve never met to meet up and hang out at some park. These people were usually older than me, and always said nice things, but i knew for a fact that only idiots would end up falling for their crap, so I just ignored their offers for free candy and video games.

Thanks to myspace, I learned about e-pedophilia, gang rap music, demonic metal, and gospel death metal. Looking back now, I can say with confidence that myspace made me the man I am today. At first I thought getting molested on myspace would be a tragic event, but I’m glad it happened. When I look at children who are online today, I can’t help but think of all the things they can be exposed too. I’m scared for them, honestly, but I believe that they will learn from their mistakes.

Now that I am older, and more knowledgable, I know that the Internet is filled with dangerous and exotic things, but it can also be used as a vast sorce for knowledge. Till this day, I look upon the internet as both a place to be feared, but to be used with great responsibility, and as a place to connect to a pool of unlimited knowledge.