Triple troll Quote


The assignment was to create a triple troll quote. This is a project where you take a photo of a pioneer, then add a quote from another person, but label the quotee as another person. The thing is, you can’t just pick any name, you must relate all the names together somehow.


Using photo shop, i uploaded the image of Norbert Weiner. I then created two more layers. On the second layer i created the gradient background using colors black and white. The last layer, i created the quote using text. Simple photo shop steps, nothing fancy.


I used a photo of Norbert Weiner, Bill Gate’s quote, and Marco Casalan’s name. I chose Norbert because he is a pioneer of cybernetics, and he is a famous childhood prodigy. I then chose Bill Gate’s quote, “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll be working for one.” I chose his quote because he is a genius that a lot of people work for, and he has changed the world today by his ingenious innovations of technology. I chose Marco Casalan because he is another childhood prodigy. Marco is currently 9 years old and he is the youngest Microsoft systems engineer in the world. He ties into Bill Gate’s quote, because I have a feeling I might end up working for him.

Photo taken form:


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  1. I like the look of this one Rodnie. Good work. I’d never heard of Marco Casalan so thanks for introducing me to this prodigy.

    The only things missing are a link back to and a description description of the original assignment, and appropriate tags.

    It should be pretty easy to tweak these.

  2. roundhouseslap

    I had never heard of Marco Casalan either. Really interesting! At first after reading your post I thought he was working for Microsoft. Is he? I researched around a bit and all I could find was that he passed the same tests that Microsoft gives IT professionals. He’s definitely a prodigy though and I hope he can make it out of his hometown and onto something great.

    • i found out about Marco Casalan by watching the news recently. He is what inspired me to do this ds106 assignment. During the CNN news broadcast, it mentioned that he is currently working for microsoft as their systems engineer, and he wrote a manual in his native language about microsoft.

  3. This is both awesome and terrifying. Well, not the post, but the kid. I think it will be really interesting to see what goes on next. Like the others, I hadn’t heard of him (I really should start reading the news, I know), but I’m glad you brought him up. I can’t believe he wrote a book before he was ten…
    Also, this is one of my favorite quotes, so it made me really happy to see this.

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