The Elite 8

Assignment: Create a Minimalist travel poster based on a movie using the pioneers.

Process: I used photoshop to create this. I used a total of 20 layers in photoshop to complete this project. the first ten layers were used to upload each and every individual picture. i then cropped and erase the pictures to allow them to fit. the next ten layers were used to create the words using text. nothing fancy, just time consuming.

Story: The inspiration that lead me to create the elite 8, was from my indescision to pick a single pioneer. so i decided to use all the pioneers and our professor (mainly cause he asked me if he could be in the project.)

Source where pictures were taken from: Google… Vannevar Bush. Alan Turing. Norbert Wiener. JCR Licklider. Doug Englebart. Ted Nelson. Alan Kay.


About Ingenous Dynamics

i got 99 problems, but swag aint one.

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  1. This is awesome! Can you explain a little how you cropped the photos while making them look a little blurry around the edges? I hate cropping because my borders always look so edgy and unnatural. I love the concept and the execution, good job!

  2. I want to see this movie! when does it release?

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