Car Lust

Ennis5 [1600x1200]_wm by Ma_Sz
Ennis5 [1600×1200]_wm, a photo by Ma_Sz on Flickr.

Assignment: find a picture of your dream car and how it makes you feel.

Process: I found a picture on flickr taken by Marek Szarejko

Story: A nissan s14 Sylvia is my dream car. The reason why is because it was also my very first car. Growing up in Japan, there are billions of possiblities to customize a car to a variety of cars to choose from. i was one of the first High schoolers in my school to get a sports car, but fortunatly for me, I got my car for free from a friend of mine who was PCSing away. I was known for my car. I loved my car to death, I installed my own body kit to it I even installed a new muffler. I had a white s14 sylvia with black rims, and damn this car was fast. This was probably the most fastest car I had the oppurtonity to drive. Unfortunantly, that is not a good thing for a first time driver. Everytime I see another Sylvia, I reminence on the memories i had with my car. Well I no longer have my Sylvia because i totaled it by drifting into a pole going up hill. The police investigation stated that i was going 40km but im pretty sure i was going 80km.


About Ingenous Dynamics

i got 99 problems, but swag aint one.

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  1. I like the story you wrote about your first car. I still have fond memories of my first automobile. For some reason I was given a BMW 2002 while still in high school. It was a lot of fun to drive.

    If you have a moment, could you fix the link to the original assignment so that it is clickable hypertext?

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