Numbers x Facebook

 As I was doing my analyze on the Facebook by the numbers, I decided to do the very first thing that had caught my eye. But obviously we are working with infographics so the very first thing on it is meant to catch your attention and hold it as you continue to read the rest of the information. So in this case, the overview of Facebook by the numbers is meant to catch anyone’s attention.

That section contains the basic mind-blowing information that all infographics must have, such as Facebook’s insanely high active user numbers and how much of the world is under Facebook’s control. Well reading into the information, I thought to myself, “This is not possible, there’s no way Facebook’s stats are that high.” So I searched the resources used by the creator of the infographic, and it lead me to the Facebook page.

The Facebook website has all this information posted into its tour or preview section, all in the hopes that it will make you sucome to the Facebook’s social life. Well it worked on me, so now I have two seperate Facebook accounts. Anyways, I found that this information was slightly wrong. The actual stats are higher than posted on this infograph, and it still continues to rise today. I guess the creator forgot to mention that.

original link to the infographic click here.


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  1. Not exactly sure what your main point here is. You checked to see if the number of users posted on the infographic is accurate and you found that actually it is higher. And you added a second Facebook account.

    It would also be cool to have you impression of some of the “mind blowing” information presented in the overview. Why do you find it mind blowing? Can you try to put that “mind-blowingness” into some sort of context? Yes, these are the sorts of things that would be cool to read.

    Also, I encourage you break your ideas into paragraphs with a line break between. It makes it easier on the eye and helps the reader to identify how you are attempting to organize the thoughts you are sharing. Using the spell-checker wouldn’t hurt either.

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