ds106 propaganda


The assignment was to Create a propaganda poster for ds106. Use your photo editing software of choice and write a message to inspire your fellow ds106ers.


I took one of my old photos that I had recreated on illustrator and placed it into photo shop. The photo I recreated is a painting of uncle Sam. I then created a layer to add a thick dark border. the last layer was used for the text.


The story behind this assignment is simple. I created this photo not to fill the requirements of ds106’s needed, but to remind me to do more assignments. The best propaganda posters are the posters used to inspire ourselves first, and others second. So I created this to use as a wallpaper to remind me to do more work.


About Ingenous Dynamics

i got 99 problems, but swag aint one.

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  1. I like this picture!

  2. I love the message here. I think it looks pretty good but I have a small issue with the alignment of the text. Seems at a minimum the lines should be centered to one another. I’d like to also see less of a dramatic difference in the size of the font in either line.

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