Cookieception, enough said.

So as I was brainstorming about what to blog about, an idea came to me as I was walking my dog.  I thought about a great past time I used to do as a culinary student. I called it cookieception, just because I didnt know what the name of this cookie was actally called. The simple way to put it is, it’s a cookie within a cookie.

Alright, heres what you need: An oven, cookie dough, and a pack of oreo’s.

Now for the fun part (instructions): First scoop out a hand full of cookie dough and place it ontop of an oreo cookie. Second, take another scoop of cookie dough and place it on the other side of the oreo and sqiush the two peices together. The rseult should be a sandwhich of cookie dough and oreo. Now bake the cookie to desired consistency, I love my cookies chewy on the outside and gooey in the inside.

Cookieception, enough said.

Now here’s a treat I tired recently, it’s called the Tim Tam Slam.

What you will need: A warm beverage (in my case warm milk), and Tim Tam’s.

Instructions: First take a bite on both sides of the Tim Tam. Next take the Tim Tam and place one bitten edge over the warm beverage, and place your mouth over the other bitten edge. Now such with all your might, and the Tim Tam should act as a straw. As the warm beverage travels through the Tim Tam it will melt, mend, and mush the cookie. This is where you eat the gooey mess and sit there amazed at this cookie inovation. Coffee is highly recommended while trying this, but I believe that every great cookie deserves milk as a partner.

Pictures taken from: here, here, here, and here.

Now this is for those of you who tried the Tim Tam Slam.


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  1. OMG the Oreos in the cookie looks soooooooooooo good!! xD

  2. I know right!!!! it tastes better than it looks!! :9

  3. its another form of torture to see a picture and not the real thing! You should have made them and brought them in for your presentation, in this case the real thing is deffinatly better!!

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