Make Kony famous!

This video caught my attention a few days ago. At first I thought that this would be a great video for our cyberspace and society class because these people used the internet as a way to spread information. But as I continued to watch more and more of this video, I learned about Joseph Kony and how we, as the users and the small people, can change the whole system in which we live. I learned how much power we all have and how we can reach out to every part of the world when we really stop at nothing to do it.

 I’m not entirely sure about the laws of Japan and putting up posters and stickers around the city, but it’s something im willing to find out the hard way. I’m not the type of person who usually watches a sad commercial and ends up pulling out a credit card to donate, but this really moved me. This short film moved me so much that I have already purchased my kit and I am counting the days until april 20th, 2012. I would write a brief summary of the video, but I would rather have people watch it instead.

The video posted here is a cc license video and is free, more like encouraged, to be shared with as much people as possible. I was thinking of ways to spread this video and WordPress was the best thing I could think of. Share, reblog, retweet, and spread this out to as much people as possible. I have done my part, im just waiting for the days.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea, whose time has come is now.”- Invisible Children

Video found at youtube. Poster taken from invisiblechildren. To stop this madness, go to Kony2012.


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  1. I do agree that this video needs to be seen, Kony is a truly evil person.

    The organization behind the video hasn’t gotten very good press though because of transparency issues and high expenditures on salaries and travel.

    • I do agree that the organization hasnt been getting any good press, but in their defense, the video is really good. And I’m not an easy person to convince. I did do some extra research on the invisible children organization and on other organizations with the same cause, It seems to me that the invisible children has the most convincing and well put-together information and advertisement on their cause. Im not saying thats all you need in supporting a cause, but its something that had influenced me to support their cause. Plus, if it wasnt for the invisible children, I would have never known who Joseph Kony is.

  2. I just heard about this for the first time while listening to BBC World Service this morning. I had intended to mention it to the class.

    I agree, this definitely does apply to Cyberspace and Society.

    According to the report I heard, the video you mention has been viewed 36 million times. I just tweeted the program’s (World Have Your Say) FB page. You can listen to the program there if interested. (

    But there is also some controversy about the film. Several Ugandans said that the film was out of date. Apparently Kony and his militants had been chased out of Uganda in 2006. I’m so new to this story that I need more information.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  3. Was it just me or did the narration guy (with a son and wife) sound totally gay?

  4. I totally agree that Kony should be known world wide. My friends on facebook have been trying to spread it and trying to find a way we can translate it into different languages so that people who don’t understand English can get to know about him more and be aware of what he has been doing.
    That 30 minute video clip made me cry. I never knew this was going on for such a long time and I really want something done about him.

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