Hire a Hacker now!!

I read an article on how easy it is to hire a hacker on the article “Hackers for hire are easy to find“. The article was written by Cassell Bryan-Low, and it was about how a billionaire got his email account hacked by hackers hired by his brother. All his personal information was put on the web for everyone to see. This was done by chinese hackers hired from his rival brother, who had gotten in a feud with him some years ago. This article goes in-depth about who was involved and how they managed to do this.

The Steps to finding a hacker:

1. First acquire a target to hack, such as someone’s email account

2. Find websites such as hack-to-hire.net or other sites through google or Craig’s list.

3. Submit a request for a hacker and what need to be hacked.

4. Pay the fee. The fee can as low as $150.

It’s as easy as that, literally. Most of these hackers than can be hired are found in China, California, and even Korea. Of course this is illegal, not many people have been caught. Hackers can be anywhere, and there is never a shortage of much-needed hackers. This is a scary fact, because I can be a potential target to hackers, and so are you. The website Hack-to-hire has the options to spy on people, and hack major websites such as Yahoo and google. So the good news is, you can find investigators to find your hacker and to retrieve your information. The billionaire who got hacked sued the hackers and his brother. He probably gained more money from that. So if you ever need a hacker, just go online and hire one. In today’s world, everything is easier because of the internet.

Information read and taken from article Hackers-for-Hire easy to find. Photo taken from Hiretohack.net


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  1. Probably not going to try the service out, but your topic choice was unique and made for a very interesting presentation.

    Plus I didn’t know you had been involved with Greenpeace and PETA.

  2. It is curious!! Are there ways to avoid getting hacking??

  3. Darn TUJournal beat me to it with PETA, but I loved this presentation the most, I thought you were a very convincing salesman. Should I need to take someone down in the near-future then I will consider using a Hacker 4 Hire

  4. I would be skeptical of a site such as Hack 2 Hire. Entering in to a criminal conspiracy with online strangers sounds like another way to spell: E-N-T-R-A-P-M-E-N-T

    I’m glad you found this and brought it to light. I had no idea such a site existed. I’m suddenly very curious to learn more about it. I wonder what their business model is. This would be a cool “case study.”

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