Look at that kitchen

The first thing I noticed about this gif was the kitchen. I mean look at that kitchen, its huge. Comparing that kitchen to the ones here in Japan, is like comparing Micheal Jordan to Lebron James. You give Jordan a dollar, he makes 6 NBA championships. You give Lebron a dollar, he gives you 3 quarters back. I mean the size of that kitchen is the size of an average room in an apartment here in Japan.

The yellow walls and the polished, wood tiled floors create a great contrast to one another. The marble counter tops and second refrigerator match very well, but the white refrigerator stands out too much and doesn’t match the atmosphere of the kitchen. The sink being located within the center of the kitchen is a nice and convenient feature. The amount of cabinets present suggests that there is no shortage of storage space within the kitchen. Over-all, that is a beautiful kitchen.

The best part about this GIF, is the stool in the background. That four-legged, white stool is quite a beauty. It seems to be made out of wood and painted by a satin white paint color. By looking at the kitchen, you’d never think that the owners would sit on wooden chairs unless it is an antique of high value. This is where I believe that stool in the back must have been owned by Mir Osman Ali Khan, ruler of Hyderabad in 1911 to 1948. I believe the highlight of this GIF is that beautiful chair.

GIF taken from here. Information about Mir Osaman Ali Khan.


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  1. Poor guy should have taken off his socks. I mean, he probably couldn’t afford another blow to the head…

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