Personal Cyberinfrastructure

Being a university student in the digital age, I feel, is more convenient and easier. I use digital media as a tool for endless information, and with today’s technology, it has  been easier than ever to find any information at any given time. As long as a student does not procrastinate, is focused, and dedicated to their studies, then school would be easy and enjoyable. But, there are the majority of the students who have found that this digital age to be full of entertainment and distractions. None the less, with the assistance of today’s technology, access to information is endless and convenient, thus creating an easier and relaxing learning environment for university students.

What I hope to gain from my university experience is knowledge and wisdom that will stay with me for the rest of my years. With today’s digital media, I can make sure that all information that I have learned will stay with me. I have the ability to go beyond my very own memories, and even continue to learn after my university years. With the internet, I have the ability to search and obtain information of things I once knew or did not know about. I  also have the ability to save every document I have ever written or received, and if there is ever a time that I can not find information in the cyber world, then I have the ability to contact any professional in the world to ask information I can not find (via e-mail).

What Gardner had written about LMS did not resonate in me. Although he said that LMS is not progress, I see it as progress. The convenience to find out your grades or what information your professors want you to know makes it easier for the students. But Gardner did go on to speak of a better way for both teaching staff and students could creatively express their learning and cooperation. Although I agree with what Gardner wrote about, I still believe that he undermined the potential and convenience of the LMS system.


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  1. I think seeing your grades online is an “improvement”. Instead of contacting your professor you can now see how you’re doing online.

    It *is* progress in the sense that the system is becoming more advanced, but it’s not progress as in doing something new. I think it’s the latter point he’s getting at.

  2. My reading of it is that his critique of the LMS and templated version of using the web has been very limiting. These types of uses distract from and limit the fuller and revolutionary potential for learning that Campbell seems to feel the web has to offer.

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