Phantom learning in higher education

On this blog post, I have decided to discuss about Phantom Learning. As you all know, Phantom Learning is using the cyber world for our learning materials and classes rather than going to school. Bryan Alexander says that schools will become rare and interaction between people physically will be minimal. In the year 2022, I will hopefully be out of college and I will be in the work force somewhere with in the military.

What i believe will happen in 2022, is that most, if not all, college course classes and credits will be found online. I believe that public schools will still exist, but will not have as many students as they have today. I say this because the parents who can afford to keep their kids out of school and pay for an in-home/online education will do so, in order to protect their children from the other less wealthy kids. I believe that the inequality between the classes will be so high that their will only be a low-class and a high-class. The crime level in the lower class will reach an all time high, even within the schools. So due to crime and economic issues, public schools will have fewer students but will not be totally diminished.

How my work life would hopefully be in the year of 2022, I hope that I would still have to do many things hands on. I would like to be able to go to work everyday and enjoy doing something somewhat laborious for a few hours. I’m an active person, so I hope that the advancement in phantom learning will not totally diminish the daily activities I love to do. For instance, I enjoy running in scenic places. I wouldn’t want to run on a treadmill within my house looking at holograms of a forest. I believe some things should be left untouched and remain to be all natural, but unfortanently somethings will change. As for how this will affect my future job, I’m not sure. Mainly because I don’t really know what I specifically want to do.

My personal opinion of the phantom learning is that it looks really good to us now, but I believe that this will create a negative affect on the life styles of people. I can imagine the rise of obesity and the lack of physical activity. Unless you can make an AR for fat people in which they eat fake hologram food, then I cant see any good arising from this phantom learning.


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