Daily Create 1

Make a photo of something upside down, not usually seen this way.

Tdc29 feb 8, 2012


This assignment became interesting to me when i decided to take a look into all my photographs. But what i really liked about it is the fact that i switched my whole screen upside down, then i decided to scroll around and see which photo really caught my eye.

Take a photo of places in your house where you lose things.

Tdc030 feb 8, 2012


I took a photo of my shoe boxes. This represented the shoes i lose track of within the various shoes i own. All though these arent all the shoes i own, its just a representation. There was a time where i spent a lot of money on collecting shoes, and once in awhile i still do buy shoes i dont need. What can i say, I like sneakers. unfortuantley its not a cheap hobby. Just ask Lei, he should know how expensive it can get.

Take a photo of the most memorable moment in your life

Tdc31 Feb 1, 2012

Toni less than 3

This is a momorable moment for me because this is a lady who means a lot to me. i wont say too much about her, because she would kill me if she found out that her picture is posted on the web for everyone to see. soo all i will say is that her facebook is located here.


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