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class out

Photo Details: Class out by DcJohn through Creative commons.

Course Syllabus: CIS-0835 – Cyberspace and Society
Temple University Japan Campus- Fall 2012
Day: Tuesday & Thursday     Time: 12:00-13:30      Room: AZ 508          Instructor: Rodnie Sabal    Email:
Office Hours: None, I am not as dedicated as the previous professor, Professor Lockman.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites needed for this class.

Course Description: This course is provided to help students understand cyberspace, and become educated in the ways of the internet, and to use the internet in a creative form of growing and learning.

Course Sequence:

1. The founders of the Cyberworld – We will learn about the people who are responsible for creating and founding the cyberworld we know of today.

2. The Cyberworld yesterday, and today – We will learn of the state of the net back in the past, and how it is today.

3. Cyberbullying, fraud, theft, and viruses – We will learn about the dangers of the cyberworld.

4. The cyberworld of tomorrow – We talk about the brighter side of the net and discuss theories of what the world will be like in the future with the advancement of the cyberworld.

Course Structure: This course will not have interesting lectures and will be mostly video and reading based on assignments assigned to be viewed or read. Students will maintain a personal blog in which they will have to regurgitate what they have learned onto it, and share with other students their feedback and ideas. There will be no one-on-one conferences because I am not a dedicated professor, you have missed him by one semester.

Assignments and Grades: Student Blogging- 30 points     Student Feedback- 10 points    Exams- 50 points    Attendance- 10 points

Grading scale: A+ 100-97, A 96-94, A- 93-90, B+89-87, B 86-84, B- 83-70, F 69-0

Class Blog: The class blog will contain all the videos and readings that all students must view. This will also contain many activities that students must include on their own blogs.

Student Blog: Students must use their blogs to show that they have been viewing the latest materials presented to them. They must also use the blog to give feedback to their peers and show that they are using the creative aspects of the internet by posting recent activities around the world.

Exams: Exams will be based off of the video’s and reading materials posted on the class blog.

Class Schedule:

Week 1-2: The founders of the Cyberworld

Week 3-4: The Cyberworld yesterday, and today

Week 5-6: Cyberbullying, fraud, theft, and viruses

Week 7-8: The cyberworld of tomorrow

Student Disclaimer: This class will have many similarities present within the course that was taught in the last semester by the Great Professor Lockman. Many discussions will be based off of his ideas and teaching styles, because I personally believe that this course could not have been taught in any better way. I do not hold meetings with students one on one because I am only a student myself, and I do not have even the slightest fraction of dedication that the Great Professor Lockman has shown his students. If there could have been any other way to improve the previous course, it would have been great to know and have Professor Lockman remain the Professor of CIS0835.

Student Disclaimer Disclaimer: Daily extra credit opportunities will go towards the student who can provide coffee and cigarettes everyday. I do not condemn nor will I reduce/deduct points to the students who hack another students account, it is actually well encouraged.

  1. Thanks Rodnie – this is a good syllabus. I think this will be a useful and enjoyable course.

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