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The Assignment: “Use the Twister tool from ClassTools ( to generate a series of images representing the voices of past figures if they could express themselves in twitter. Notch it up, and recast a historical event with a new plot line, and notch it up again, but making it a back and forth between two figures (use @person!) .”

Process: Well I decided to search the web for pictures and images of people from the past. I was eventually led to webdesigner depot, which is where I took my images from. I then proceeded to use the images as an avatar for these people twitter.


” Oh @LeonardodaVinci! Paint me like one of your french women.”

“She expects me to paint her when I dont’ even have time to paint myself. #women”

” Hey @IsaccNewton! You mad #trollolol?”

” @StevenHawking, well played my good sir.”

” I wonder who would have won, @ChuckNorris or @BruceLee. #curious”

“@MuhammadAli @ChuckNorris [BruceLee has shared a media, click link to see.] #winning”


“@MuhammadAli @BruceLee rematch right now, oh wait….#awkwardmoments”

Photos taken from WebdesignerDepot